Land Rover and Range Rover Restoration

This page shows some images of restorations which we have carried out on Land rover's at Jake Wright's.

Some customer's vehicles have been off the road for a number of years and would like them up and running again but not necessarilly restored and we are happy to help with that .

Others have purchased restored vehicles from so called specialists over the internet , we can give an appraisal on the condition of those vehicles and can give advice on the best way to get them mechanically sound. .We have seen a lot of so called restored vehicles and to be honest most are not very good

A lot of sellers can make them look pretty but have no idea how the vehicle should perform and In a lot of cases the new owner doesn't know how a land rover should drive , we can give advice on brakes , steering , gearbox ,suspension, etc and rectify any faults .

After all if the vehicle performs correctly the owner will enjoy driving  it !

We try to get the details right and that is what costs the extra money, we are not the cheapest but we do try to be one of the best .