• land rover restoration project on arrival.

Here are some pics of an early series 3 which we recently restored for a customer.

We collected this Land rover from a garden after partly demolishing a wall and getting past a tree , etc with flat tyres and siezed brakes .The vehicle had been sat there for a long number of years and was in a very bad state of repair.This proved difficult to get out of the position as it was also to be moved round the corner of an outbuilding. As usual we succeeded with a bit of our Jake Wright ingenuity.

The  restored land rover was to be a surprise 40th birthday present given by the gentlemans sister and brother in law and it had to be finished on time and delivered by them to his party !

It was not to be a concourse nut and bolt restoration but had to be a reliable good looking vehicle .

As you can see from the pics serious corrosion had ocurred in every part of the land rover.

We have fitted a new galvanised and powder coated chassis, replaced the bulkhead and front panel as well as overhauling the brakes , clutch ,repainting  etc and rewiring .

Then as always we carried out extensive road testing and corrected any minor faults. Take a look at the pics of the Land rover taken during it's restoration.