We can now offer an Electric Power assisted Steering for your Series Land Rover .

Land Rover Series  should not be too heavy to steer  when the steering is in good condition  and fitted with the correct tyres , etc .

We find that a lot of vehcles do not steer well due to poor maintenance and a lack of knowledge , in fact there are a lot of people who say all land rover's steer badly. ! Wrong answer !!

This in our opinion this is completley wrong as we know that The Rover Company were Prestige Car Manufacturer's and very good engineers who did not make vehicles to steer badly !

However in this day and age we have all now got used to cars with power steering and this conversion will make the land rover feel like a modern vehicle even with larger tyre sizes.

This conversion can be fitted to series 2 as well as series 3 Land Rover's , either Left or Right hand drive , also a conversion is available for early 90 and 110,s 

This power assisted steering will take all the effort out of steering your Land Rover and the conversion parts cannot be seen particularkly on Series 3 Land Rover's as the mechanism is hidden inside the dash board with no visible signs both inside and under the bonnet of the Land Rover.  On a series 2 the mechanism will be fitted in the shelf next to the steering column with a tidy cover panel over it .

The units are mainly produced by Koyo and NSK, both made in Japan and are not the cheap copies made in China.The advantage of using these units is that there are numerous safety features already built in, which makes it easier to obtain a TÜV approval. In the unlikely event of the unit failing to operate or a power failure, the steering will be exactly the same as prior to the conversion. Additionally the drop in assistance will be very gradual, usually after 1 or 2 seconds, avoiding a "jerk" in the steering wheel should this occur in a fast turn. If the electromotor should ever jam, there is a clutch unit which disables it from the steering column, ensuring that the steering will always function freely.The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and the torsion sensor, that determine the amount of assistance, are set by the factory  to perfectly suit the steering character of the land rover they are developed for and this can also be adjusted by the driver using a simple control..  

The picture shows the land rover electric steering before the dash board is refitted on a Series 3 land Rover. .

Jake Wright's  can fit this to your landrover in our workshop in less than a week and firstly we will inspect the original steering sytem to make sure that is all working as it should  and any rectifications can then be carried out prior to fitting the power steering  system.

Here below is a Testimonial from one of our customers -

"I think that you may be underselling the PAS system. Firstly I think it is the first 'add on' item people should consider  Why? Because it is brilliant !

The reduced steering effort is good certainly  for parking etc but that is only a minor part of it . I took my wife out in it today ( as a  passenger ) and just asked her if she noticed any difference . She immediately picked up the extra stability or as she put it  ' you are not seesawing with the wheel like you used to do '.

Our country roads are narrow and  domed in the centre, and fall away to grass at either side with lots of missing tarmac or rough surface patches . If you meet another car you have to slow down, pull over, and fight the steering as you try  to drive one wheel on good road and one on rough or missing surface. Result seesawing on the wheel . Not with John'and Jake' Wright's  PAS system . The hugely improved straight  line stability ( sorry don't have the technical speak ) makes it no effort at all just point the car and it will hold that line .No seesawing of the LR , greater confidence for the driver and passengers , less stress etc. Pam is certain if you took a short video of a LR going down a narrow bumpy, twisty road without and then with the PAS system  the difference would be very obvious. It's so good she now wants to have a drive .

I don't know exactly what John does ( think he said camber change ) but it makes all the difference, and it's lighter to steer too. My big concern originally was that if I had the PAS fitted it would make Evelyn (The Land rover)  too flighty, but quite the opposite I feel far more in control.

 Hope you don't mind me chipping in with this .

 Kind regards,


Please enquire and ask to speak with John Wright .