In our early days our Land Rover exports were transported from our premises and loaded onto ships by cranes as you can see in the pic taken at Liverpool docks. This land rover was part of a Land Rover export shipment we sent to Nigeria.

Nowadays shipping of land rover's worldwide can be by RoRo ferry services or by sea container loaded here at our premises.

There are all sorts of special requirements when sending Land rover's overseas , if anything isnt correct at time of importation then the land rover can be delayed or even siezed by customs as well as other governing bodies and so receiving charges until matters are resolved.      

With our experience we can avoid where possible these types of problems.

We can also pack the land rover spare parts prior to shipping  and we get custom made crates and boxes made as well as pallets suitable for import to most countries.

All necessary paperwork for the Land Rover shipping and customs documentation is handled by ourselves and our international  Land rover shipping agent.

We can help with the preperation of the land rover prior to shipping also.

Land rover shipping  to USA and Land Rover Shipping to Canada has become very difficult in the past few years and we can help with that.