Land Rover series 2 restoration completed.

    • Land rover Series 2 after standing in a garage for 30 years now for restoration
    • land Rover series two after a long in depth restoration has now been completed

Here are some pictures of a restoration that we have completed on a customers 1959 series 2 Land Rover.

This Land rover belonged to his father who was the second owner and had only used it for light duties.

The land rover was stored in a garage and unused for 30 years until the restoration was started.

Our brief was that it had to be " like new " but not a shiny show car as is the case with many restorations carried out these days. 

This Land rover restoration was helped in the fact that the land rover was in original condition and without modifications.

We have been able to retain the original chassis and bulkhead with only some outriggers and footwells being replaced.

Wherever posible we a have also retained most other original land rover parts ,including - seats ,tailgate , inner wings rear tub , door frames, etc .We have even refurbished the original "Ace " number plates

The axles, engine, gearbox and carburettor have all been reconditioned here at Jake Wright land rover.

This series 2 land rover has several interesting features, not seen very often (take a look at the pics )including -

Horn mounted on the footwell 

Door strikers with holes top and bottom

Original exhaust manifold with swan neck front pipe 

Early type door locks

Early type side and rear lamps with unusual fastenings

Seats with springs inside

Original front valance

Original early type petrol filler cap