• land rover 130

We have just finished a refurb on a 130 land rover which was sent to us from a farm in Somerset.

The land rover has had a very hard life on the farm as well as being used on the local shoot.

The tipping body was removed and we have fitted in place a hi capacity pick up body with an Ifor williams canopy

Every part of the vehicle was damaged in some way incuding the wiring loom which had been eaten by rats .

The owner said he couldnt buy a new land rover and even if he could he still preferred the simpler 300TDI as against the modern Ford engine vehicles.

We carried out work on all parts of the vehicle to get it up to scratch including brakes , gearboxes , axles engine , clutch , etc so it should now be able to work for a long number of years to come.

Then all the body and interior was refurbished including new doors, roof ling, door trims , etc 

I think the only thing we havent changed are the wheels and tyres !